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Our Process

Our ultimate goal is shape our offering based on the needs of each client, including the process we follow when implementing product offerings or tailored strategic careers ecosystems.

Streamlined Implementation
The Advertorians have often built streamlined tailored solutions by reducing the number of client meetings and taking the initiative to uncover the client's needs, finding content and technical opportunities, developing the strategy, and fully implementing it. 

Strategic Implementation 
The Advertorians can define a production roadmap that is mirrored on the reality of the client. The team can in fact deploy solutions based on the availability of stakeholders, the short and long term recruitment needs including hiring freezes and seasonal blitz, deployment of new technologies, acquisition of another business, entry into a new market, etc...

Workback Schedule 
The Advertorians start by defining all the steps in a project including the client's stakeholder's availability and desired project completion, then, they estimate the level of effort per task in order to set milestones.

Let us discuss your needs and define a draft project plan which properly addresses some or all of the following steps in our production process:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Project Planning
  • Employer Branding & Content Development
  • Solution Architecture & Wireframing
  • Creative Execution & Web Design
  • Development & Thorough QA
  • Security Audit
  • SEO & Social Integration
  • Post-Launch Audit & Qualitative Audit
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